Over the last twenty years, we have been undergoing a complete revolution in the way that people shop. Previously, we would go shopping in stores, but now we shop at them! The implications of that are massive and deep within all companies from consumer packaged goods companies, to furniture companies, technology companies, and much more.

This is where we come in here at Gournay Consulting. Our team has many different expertises, working in CPG for over twenty years, and a combined experience of over ten years in e-commerce. E-commerce, or more accurately, omni-channel selling, is now the name of the game. Not there yet? We can help you catch up!

We started Gournay Consulting in 2016 with just one client, but quickly expanded our team to meet the demands on CPG companies from their e-tailers (i.e. Amazon and Instacart) and omni-channel partners (such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Dollar General, HEB, etc). We also have begun specializing in enhanced content delivery, asset transformation management, digital content analysis, and more! The growth, and the future, is here!

This is where we do things a little differently!

Our entire team is based inside of the United States, with experience in consumer goods and e-commerce. We specialize in guiding your organization to be as fast moving as the e-commerce business through digital content management among all leading selling platforms.

By consistently communicating your brand equities across the internet, accurately, thoroughly, and with speed, we will help you deliver a competitive advantage.

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